Fitness and Flexibility

Anyone can improve their fitness and flexibility. You just need to make a conscious choice to improve yourself and act on it. I find that the hardest part is not doing the work, but to consistently improving yourself until it becomes a habit.

I take my knowledge about the body, my training, and my exercises from the martial arts, and work a whole body fitness & flexibility workout to fit your needs. There are very little weights and equipment needed. Almost all of the exercises that I do don’t require any equipment.

Fitness & flexibility Training Skills:

  • Pads and Striking Skills (stamina/endurance/toning)
  • Core exercises (strength/toning)
  • Upper body Exercises (strength/toning)
  • Lower body exercises (strength/toning)
  • Balance drills (minor muscles toning)
  • Stretching drills (improve flexibility)

Most martial arts system incorporates the above skills for body conditioning in order to improve their overall performance in there techniques.